Beutler Ink

Infinite Map — Limited Edition Print

A cartographic infographic poster identifying 250 of the most interesting locations from the novel.
  • 250 locations with color-coded map location dot and corresponding footnotes
  • 4 telescoping inset maps: "Territorially Reconfigured North America"; "New New England and Nouveau Quebec"; "Greater Boston"; and "Metro Boston".
  • 4 location designations: "Real"; "Fictional"; "Fictionalized"; "Approximate."
  • Red shading represents the Great Concavity
  • Great Seal of O.N.A.N. in upper right corner
  • Relief shading, major bodies of water and rivers, highways, state capitols, urban areas and national parks
  • "Easter egg" map labels drawn from the novel's text

Original artwork. 24” x 36”. Limited edition: 1079.

Posters ship independently of other merchandise.