Beutler Ink

Great Seal of O.N.A.N. limited edition print

Great Seal of O.N.A.N. based on description from p. 153: “...a snarling full-front eagle with a broom and can of disinfectant in one claw and a Maple Leaf in the other and wearing a sombrero and appearing to have about half-eaten a swatch of star-studded cloth...”

Additional details: Sierpinski gasket replaces stars on “glory” above the eagle's head; shield contains 3 stars and 3 red stripes for member nations; star-studded cloth includes official motto of Interdependence Day motto, “Gaudeamus Igitur.”

Original artwork. 12” x 12”. Limited edition: 1079. Produced by William Beutler and JESS3.
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